Flotation Hydration

After completing the grueling 2013 SEA Paddle NYC, a 25 mile SUP race around Manhattan, the light bulb went on. The race demands significant fluid replacement and a highly wearable personal flotation device – a need faced by SUP paddlers worldwide. Training for and competing in the event we were frustrated by the lack of paddling specific equipment that fully integrates these two functions. Wearing separate hydration and flotation gear can be awkward and cumbersome impeding performance and enjoyment. As avid paddlers, dedicated instructors and designers we decided to address this issue and develop a solution.

We entered an initial prototype of one of our design concepts into the BoatUS 2015 Innovations in Life Jacket Design Competition. Our submission was one of 14 semi-finalists out of 250.

As we continue design, development and testing our goal is to provide paddle sports enthusiasts with a highly functional compelling product that ensures maximum safety and performance.

Stay tuned for more information!