SUPLOGIX puts SUPSKIN to the test…and the results are impressive! Based in Austria, SUPSKIN makes high performance, fashionable, breathable and comfortable drysuits that allow SUP enthusiasts to prolong their paddling activities throughout the chilly winter season.

Carey was sent the “Ultimate Classic” and Shannon the “Diabolo Emotion Women.” A welcome change from the traditional bulky drysuits of yesterday, these SUPSKIN suits conform to the body without all the excess material – especially around the seat. More importantly, they meet a drysuit’s most critical function – they keep you dry! Both Shannon and Carey took several full emersion dips into the 39 degree Hudson waters and, with the appropriate base layers worn underneath, were totally comfortable.

A truly exciting progression for cold water paddling – nice job SUPSKIN! Check out them out and order yours today at:

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